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Good html5 videoplayer with ios support

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Good html5 videoplayer with ios support

Is it really necessary to order the expensive jwplayer or flowplayer to display your youtube movies?

I have been looking for a good video player to display video movies from youtube or from other website's. What are the best options? First i looked at jwplayer. The prices of jwplayer are really to high at the moment so i inmediatly was looking for other options for a html5 video player.

Then i thought the flowplayer was a good option. Great api reference great css and supports also ios system. Then after a while i discovered that the flowplayer dont support youtube movies. You can buy a plugin for that but really to expensive!

So i went to look at the api of youtube video player. Nowadays the player can be adjust easily so there is no need to buy such and expensive player. Jquery got some great libaries available to use the player with a playlist ect.

One player i really liked was http://codecanyon.net/item/elegant-youtube-html5-responsive-video-gallery/5951886 it only cost 14 dollars and it had all the stuff i needed. Your own logo in the player a playlist share on facebook twitter is integrated. So my conclusion is jwplayer and the flowplayer are really a rip off and they only exist by good marketing but there are enough nice other options available!

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